Moving is one of the most popular operations in the world. We move to another home more and more and further away . The company’s relocation, the so-called headquarters relocation, are also some of the most frequent events in everyday life.

Have you ever asked yourself how many people are moving each year? Have you ever thought about where people move most? These are questions that are difficult to answer. In America, for example, in the year 2016 more than 40 million people changed their home, according to the MelissaData site. They also say that about 14% of Americans move one way or the other every year.

> Man with van. Some tips and tricks

These facts, which give us an idea of the people who move, and which turn to the moving services, could be a real discussion. People in America are different and have other ideas. Moving people, companies that change their headquarters are found all over the world, but not all are accounted for. In Nigeria, for example, the move has other values. Other reasons. Nor do these dimensions matter to the civilized world. Just as moving is another thing for the tribes of the Sahara, and so many others …

Is moving furniture a stress? Yes, it is sometimes , so great that it is easier for you to quit smoking than to move. As I said in our previous article …

Because we care about our customers, both from tomorrow and those that will come in the next weeks and months, we want to present you some golden tips. Moving tips to make your life easier. What we will say next will be valid for at least 10 years from now on. If changes occur, we will keep you posted!

Make luggage but everything at the right time

Why make luggage alone? The logic is that as the things are yours you will know for sure what is most important and what is not, what needs to be taken care of more, what is more fragile and more resistant, what will you use until you move … I mean it’s good to pack yourself, not necessarily to call someone to help you. This will make it cheaper and more quiet.

packing and luggage

packaging luggage is a real technique

How fast do you start the packing operation in relation to the actual time of the move? Yes, it is a good question and has different answers. For example, if you know you’re going to move, it’s advisable to start packing. Do not wait for the New Year to come, or start in the next century, do it as soon as possible. But this is valid for items you know you will not use until you settle in your new home. Or with the equipment you will only use at the new headquarters of the company.

Then there is another category of objects with which to adopt another tactic. That is, those you will surely use. Knowing that you will move in two months, for example, it is useless to pack the vacuum cleaner already. You’re probably going to use it in a few days, so what’s the point of going through the packs to look for something ?! It is absolutely impractical, absolutely useless. And annoying on top.

On the other hand, you can already pack the plastic Christmas tree, which you will only install next year. And the corresponding ornaments.

The conclusion is logical, simple and very practical: delay as much as you can with the objects you use regularly and get rid of the rare uses. So, your life will not turn into a slalom among luggage, you will not go all day through the boxes, you will not search for anything. You will retain some comfort until the day (or the great day) in which you will actually move.

Boxes and packages, useful tips

     Moving to a new home assumes almost every time at least one larger or smaller box. If you only have one baggage, a carton for example, then everything is very simple, and in this case you do not need a moving company. You can call a taxi or put everything in your personal car.

moving furniture

           But when you can say that you are literally moving, organizing the boxes and distributing them depends largely on the physical integrity of your stuff . The way you make your bags ultimately depends on your comfort if you have more or less stress. Do not forget that the fact that the people at “Man with Van – Budget removals online” brought your furniture and personal belongings to a new home does not mean at all the end of the relocation operation. There is another step: unpacking! And you will see that issues and comfort are closely related to how you made the packaging.

The size of the boxes and their weight

  • Use boxes that are as close as possible in weight to what you put in them. Small and heavy things, such as books, for instance, will be placed in small boxes. Instead, the big boxes will contain light things, such as pillows, blankets, clothes, covers  etc.
  • Place the boxes in close connection with their weight, for example at the base of a stack of luggage there will be heavy boxes and above the light ones.
  • One of the important rules is to leave empty spaces in the boxes. Otherwise, the content will move during transport and cause you some inconvenience. One of the most common inconveniences you may have is that something is ruined. A vase could break or the box might be deformed.
  • Remove empty spaces in a box by using clothes, cloths, towels, or even garments from paper or cardboard. It is not only the content of the boxes that can be balanced during transport but the entire stack of boxes.

Arranging boxes according to their content

  • Try not to insert content from multiple rooms in a box. You will congratulate yourself when unpacking, otherwise you will bother your own habit in arranging things. You will end up carrying a box around to distribute the contents to different rooms or cabinets.
  • In the same spirit as the above lines, a good idea is that even the boxes in different rooms do not stay close during transport. You will see how simple and convenient it will be to unpack and rearrange things.
  • Place labels on each box, indicating its contents. Or write with a marker on the cover. Or number them and list the content in some kind of index. The idea is to know what’s in each box. Even if it seems boring, when you unpack it will be all very simple. Just try to imagine what it is like to look for an alarm clock in ten boxes! If you can not find it, you will not be able to go to work! …
  • We insist on organization and labeling. Make the box contents as visible as possible, write on the lid, on the sides, wherever you think it would be easier.

moving boxes

Protect your valuable items

  • Cover fragile things in multiple layers of paper or bubble wrap. Do not be stingy! The safety of your transport depends on how well your goods are protected. Think about when the roads might be bumpy and the machine shakes. Or even if you trip when you go up the stairs with a box in your arms!
  • If you transport valuable goods you have to be very cautious. For example, an oil painting will not be protected by ordinary paper. Rather air bubbles are better solution .
  • Talk to the one who moves your things, with the “man with van” company, if they have some special protection devices for valuable and fragile things .