I was telling you about Luisa, the descendant of a family of porters, that she was walking through the world with two suitcases after her . I mean, four, two with books and two with clothes, but the latter do not count , at least mot to me anymore . Clothes are like the wind, they come and go. But the books mean something else, and her two suitcases filled with them amazed me . They made me curious. And I had to find out what was in them.

At the beginning of one of our first nights of traveling among the stars, I opened the two suitcases , those with which my company of Man with Van had walked to the outskirts of London. My lute, if instead of pistons and fuel pipes would have a heart and blood, might be really disappointed. I stood speechless . Yes, Luisa, actually had two suitcases, filled with books! Two suitcases filled with travel books , I do not know what this might be for a Luton brain, I‘ll tell you this, assuming it had something in it, and it would not be a three tonne car, but I am amazed this is happening.

You’re probably wondering what is with this likeness between a Luton truck and a living being. We’ll get there too, be patient.

Travel and illusions

When she opened my two suitcases, she gave me a reproach like only a woman can , typical of them, women, whatever they would wear, I thought they were all the same to me: “Nah, look at them, they know you’re dying, you’re worse than a woman, does she really have books, are there really books in there ? Say it isn’t so that your heart has cracked in you, how can Luisa have books? And maybe you imagined that I was a great bitch , didn’t you ?! Come on, say it, say it that you thought of me as a rascal, the one you see in the parking lots that wals beside trucks … ”

I have to confess that she was right. But she did not insist on much to show me my true face, again an expression that I will hear many times from now on , especially since I repeat , so I thought at that time, that all women are the same. And I am, but I can not say anything to anyone, everyone has an original opinion about this subject! Now back to the story , he showed me a collection of books where most of them were travel descriptions. Above all, Alvise Zorzi’s book “Marco Polo’s extraordinary journeys,” one of which I really wanted , was put in a special place.

I was seeing the book that I remembered I had seen at the TESCO bookstore and stopped at the last minute to buy it. It was as if I saw my mother before my eyes, Peter, do not give the money for that nonsense, don’t become like your father. Well, yes, a traveler like my father I will never become

wait for man with van

I do not know if Luisa guessed what was going through my head then , one thing is clear she stopped from her findings and began to explain. “You see, Peter, that’s why I told you to make your job of man with van into some kind of an art . Even if you do not find art, you will know it exists! And if it does not exist, for it may be possible, it may not exist in your narrow mind that does not see it at all, even where it really does exist (to these words, if said by someone else I would taken out my pocket knife) , then make money and go where there is art . Go see! Feel. That’s all, because if you live and you do not see and feel anything … you are an idiot! ”

Yeah, I was becoming more and more curious. Although she left me speechless in every single way , I have to admit I liked it . Her apparent vulgarity was a kind of understanding of what she meant. Although, now I realize that, even this way of offending and talking to men makes some women dominate . It gives them some power. It makes them queens .

Freelancer and man with van

“I am a kind of a freelancer, Peter! I mean I walk around the world and want to do this . I’m going from one place to another. I live by what I write, for, yes, I live of writing. Generally, I write about travel, write blogs for others. “My eyes were swollen , I was sure I had a face that did not understand anything.

“Yes, Peter, you would be surprised to find out how many people are boasting about what they do not have. Some boast that they are intelligent, but they are not. Others are boasting that they are cults but … Look, you, for instance, are saying you have a firm. If you’re talking to someone on the phone, you say your company is carrying furniture, taking luggage and doing relocations. But Peter, you are alone! The other one you talk to has no idea about it. You, at least for now, are selling an illusion.”

Blogs are the same . There are a lot of people there who do not know how write a line, or they have no idea what text is needed . I write for them. I live out of this, I’m not the bitch as you thought! Or how you still believe, it is what it is , Peter, say it right! Do you think I’m a bitch ? ” What can I say, I waited for her anger to pass …

“And there it is, that’s why my fortune are my books. Some inspire me, some give me information. I can live where I want. I’m actually a free woman. But who will probably want to meet with another free man at some point. But one who sees the world like me. Look, you, for example, now you understand why I want you to think in a certain way?”

I understood one thing: I was also a free man who lied to the world that he had a moving furniture company. Yes, maybe I do not have that many orders yet, but that can change!

Luisa showed me the door and said to me, “There you are , now, go on! I‘ll see you tomorrow night… ”

> Man with van; with Luisa through London