I liked Luisa, and very soon I was going to discover that I needed her ideas and suggestions for my business of moving furniture. Even if , before she was able to irritate me , now she has awakened my curiosity and made me dream . I admit, before I was talking to Luisa, before I had her as my first client, I would have caught fire if someone had told me that I needed suggestions, advice and help.

Having somebody question me as the owner of this business would have been a terrible cause for quarreling. For I was the owner, that is, the patron, I had tormented myself to raise the money for a Luton Van … I finally came up with the idea of moving furniture with this van ! Or, I would notice with some sort of anxiety how I discovered my own naivety: doing a transport and moving business did not mean just investing in the transportation. There was plenty more …

For now, I notice that my discussion with Luisa in that forgotten bar was going in a direction I had not thought of. A few hours ago, I would not even have a thought this would happen, someone would tell me how to use my Luton Van, how to do the business, how to, how to … And all this was told by Luisa ! A woman. Which, absolutely never , I did not think she’d found her place in a man with a van business .

Two suitcases with books

As for my obsession, if Luisa really had books in her luggage and what kind of books were there , I confess that I asked her directly . There was no point in breaking my head by trapping questions. I decided to ask her, because after all, she was my first client in my future prosperous business.

Sensational was her answer: “I have books Peter, of course I have books, what did you imagine !? I’ll show them if you want. (When she told me that, I actually understood that Luisa would not move from the block she lived in, or at least that would not be our last discussion. “I will tell you about the” showing the books ” another time , it is worth it …. ) .

“It’s incredible how most men will only see women as a pair of legs, who do shopping and raise children ! And who only know their specific things, that is, you know, for women, so you say … And you never thought that we could do business either . For example, this with man with a van, I see you started but you still do not know how to go! “Luisa’s last words managed to frighten me. I mean, with some anxiety, I was expecting to ask her, to ask for her opinion and listen to her.

It’s incredible what women can do with us , men! And this finding was one of my first findings in real life. That’s what I saw, that until then I was a teenager and Luisa was the one who changed my condition.

You want to move luggage, you have to make them !

This is one of the first lessons Luisa gave to me ; that’s only apparently the customer’s luggage, in fact they are mine,the man with a van’s luggage . Interesting approach … “Well yes , Luisa says, whoever transports it knows how to make luggage! So do not let your customers know, they’re just customers, you’re the artist! “

This part with “you are the artist” busted me . I did not understand how there is a place of art in a transport business , where you only need muscle and a car, possibly a Luton Van. Obviously, Luisa coming from a family of porters probably knew more. “Listen, Peter, my dad said to be a porter, you do not need a lot of mind, but making furniture transports and carrying people’s luggage is already something else. You also need head and investment! And all this in one place means art. That’s what Dad used to say: to bring luggage means you’re a porter , but if you carry furniture and luggage you are already an artist! “

So I understood where Luisa was going . That was the last day I said I was a porter and I wanted to start a business out of it. From that day, for me, there were two different things being a porter and carrying furniture, carrying luggage …

Calm down Peter, the days are not over, I will tell you sometime how to make these luggage … And I will show you my books …”