The price of a second man with van …

man with van

Like I was saying in “My first help with moving furniture” Jimmy (the second man with van) the red-haired man left me speechles when he told me he was coming to work with me. Frankly, I had begun to have doubts back then about his mental health. After all, did it really matter !? He was good at carrying luggage, good at moving furniture … I needed some help. A second “man with van” if I can say so. I was not interested at all having him on my head, it was important for me to get rid of them fast.

So I will leave my stories with Luisa a little behind , but to whom I will return with great pleasure, now back to my story and let me tell you how I was blocked when Jimmy told me that I should choose with him: either we become partners, or we go our separate ways ! I mean, I did not even start this job well, in fact he had not started at all, and he starts making me decisions . But not just any conditions, but something like a future plan. He was making my plan!

As you will see, Jimmy was a mysterious young man. Full of ambitions, dreams and ideas …

> Man with Van; walking with Luisa in London

My help with moving, a philosopher!

“Okay Jimmy, I tell him, and how much money do you need to decide, to go with me or start your business with a van alone ?” This was the next day, I was tired after the “furniture moving ” adventure with Luisa and barely keeping my eyes open. But I had solved it with the “Moving Company staff,” right !? I felt like a patron. Although, according to Luisa, I had to begin to feel like an artist. We were waiting for Jimmy’s answer, I was in my room, dangling on the divan, under a poster with a truck carrying trees.

“Wait, Jimmy says, I did not say I would do a moving furniture business … I want more out of my life! That’s right, I’ll work for you, but I told you, if you want to keep me, you have to get me paired. Otherwise, I am gone , you know, I want to live freely like a bee, like a butterfly, fly here and there … You, Peter, I tell you wholeheartedly, for me you’re just a flower. A plant with a grotesque name ofcourse , listen to this , mister Man with van, who the hell would put such a name to a flower !? After I have taken your pollen, I will go on. I’m waiting for the world and all the fields … ”

I put my hand over my forehead. This is what I needed, a partner who thinks she is a secretary, yes, Luisa, I’ll tell you later, and a messenger with dreams of freedom and escape from the ordinary . A philosopher! I began to think that, in fact, that’s why I did not do anything in my life until then, I was also a philosopher. It was only when I woke up from the state of contemplation that I realized I had to make my own way in life . And that’s how I got to the business of moving furniture! I think that’s what I was capable of. But let’s employ partners who think they are Madonna and Schopenhaueri … I really did not imagine this . I did not even want it.

” You know what I do not understand here , Jimmy? How the hell do you want to be my associate if you really long for freedom? Make me understand! “I did not tell him that I allrerady had doubts about his seriousness.

Then he began to explain. That he wants a kind of contract, where he knows what he’s doing and what he’ll be expecting for me. He will respect it, do not worry. And then what, even if he dreams of flying, is he not entitled to work? At least so, from time to time? I was puzzled. Especially for the latter part, with the part-time worker …

Waiting for the coustomers

I did not have big orders for the moment , just promises from the net, but I had a partner who was a secretary and a muse and maybe a mistress and who knows what else she will be , but I also had a small Popeye who saw me as a flower from which he will pick its nectar then he will let me fall and go to hell for freedom.

The “ideal” employee ; comes and goes

“Peter, do not be so pessimistic! As long as I work for you, I’ll be serious. Then I‘ll go, come back, go again . I’ll be your help from time to time with a van to get into the mud, and then when I get up again to taste more and appreciate the air of the heights! “I was bored with everything, maybe that my eyes were out of sight, here comes Jimmy the redhead (I told you I do not like red-haired people) and he says he will work with me in the mud so that I don’t slap him !

Well, I need stable employees, not people who come and go. What’s more , I had the impression that his speech is not logical, something does not bind or perhaps he does not know what he wants. But, as I was saying, if he could carry a closet on his back, he was good for me.

Then Jimmy the redhead began to tell me. He really wants a Luton van to make it his home. I should let him go with this Luton at festivals like Woodstock , let him dance his heart out there , work for me and go again. I asked him, but why don’t you leave for good ? He can not, his mother would suffer to much

“You know Peter, I kind of hate the sky in England! I do not like it . It’s too white! I’d like to stay in Croatia, there the sky is blue . I saw it on the net. I’m thinking of that … but do not worry, I will not leave you ! “It was not the case, I closed my eyes to sleep a little. I signaled him to get out and close the door behind him …