Moving a house full of children and furniture

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Moving house… Moving the furniture and all the things which belong to a family with children is more complex than it seems at the first side. The removal is an event which doesn’t consist only in preparing packs with clothes, boxes full of things and moving the furniture. Also, is not only about loading wardrobes, chairs, tables in a truck, giving the address to the driver and waiting him there, then getting the furniture in the new apartment and that’s all!

The removal of a house in which children live is way more complex. Us, the ones who offer the ‘’Man with Van’’ removal services, know this thing and that is why we allow ourselves to offer you a few tips.

Offer a psychological support to the children regarding the removal

Talk to the children about moving. Tell them about other similar events in which you took part. Try to remember funny stories which happened during the furniture removals that took place while you were children or later when you were young or adults.

The most important thing is to make the children understand that moving into a new home is very common. Try to explain to them what a man who works at a removal company actually does. Tell them that services similar to ‘’Man with Van’’, which moves anything, anywhere are actually normal jobs like any other ones.

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Waiting for the Man With Van

So, tell the children as much as possible about this aspect. You can do this very early, 2-3 weeks before the moment when you decided to move the furniture and change your residence. Offer them a period of time in order to get used to the idea. Point out the fact that they should not forget to say hi to the people from the removal services.

There is a book about moving an entire house, that’s actually its name, Moving House, and it is written by Anne Civardi and Stephen Cartwright. It’s a light and funny story which will make the children understand that the removal is an imminent thing in life. Also, that each of us moves at least once, that a removal brings also good things, not only stress and tiredness. A removal is actually a new beginning.

Make an early preparation of the large things which need to be removed

Any type of furniture removal or complete change of residence supposes modifying a routine and creating new habits. The staff from the ‘’Man with Van’’ knows this and share with you information from their experience. We recommend you to place ahead the larger objects in packs. We refer to the ones that take you a lot of time to pack: demount the wardrobes and get them ready for the removal.

Make packs with things which you rarely use so that they are ready to be moved. This is a good prevention method, and when the truck comes you won’t lose a lot of time.