My first help with moving furniture

man with a van

Being a man with a van has become all I ever wanted. I felt like a new world was opening for me : my job, my truck, my business, my clients! It was something I wanted so badly but until then it was never clearly defined to me . But look , with my first client, Luisa, I wanted to have my very first business of moving furniture.

My biggest problem was my attitude : a loner. (Later I would understand that the desire for loneliness came from repulsion to depend on someone!) So , although I did not want to do it , I knew I would have to get help. I can not move furniture on my own , I can not travel and carry bulky luggage on my own. I needed a second man with a van to help me pick up the furniture to the truck, take it down, go up and dfown the stairs . To bring wardrobes and chairs …

The second man with a van : Jimmy the red-haired

My second man with a van was my mother’s suggestion, in one of her rare moments at home, in one of her rare moments of tenderness and love . Which for her meant sitting on the armchair, liting a cigarette and saying, “What are you doing, boy? What’s up?”

And as I said, it was after my first transport, the stroke of luck that showed me the way I had to follow. I told my mother what I was doing and that I needed help. “But why don‘t you take Jimmy, the red-haired boy , anyway, he’s wasting his life , you’ll do him a favour and you’ll help yourself , and seriously now , how hard is it to move some furniture ? Go to the companies and move their office to another address … You don’t need to much schooling for that! ”

I did not stress over the fact that I saw my future business differently, that to me it was noble and useful. What should I tell my mother, thank you for the advice, but I would have liked a little sympathy? Moving furniture seemed like the only thing I could do with my Luton Van wreck. And allthough I decided to compete with London Man Van we did not have any worries ? Mom would not have understood . (After my father’s departure, mother went into a prolonged depression and did not care to much about things anymore …)

A Luton Van for everyone

Jimmy lived on the same ground floor with me. I forgot about him , actually I ignored him , I did not like redheaded guys. And Jimmy, appart from the fact he had red hair, looked stranger than me . I was a loner and picky guy , but Jimmy surpassed me , he never went out on the bench , in front of the block or on the football field. When he went outside, God knows where he was going … He was willing to help me at my new man with a van company, and that seemed essential to me. It did not matter he had red hair, she was good to move furniture and luggage

Just to show you how weird he was , this was his acceptance of working for me. Jimmy said, “Okay, I’ll work with you, but only until I buy my Luton Van, then we either associate, or we each go our sepparate ways!”

I was lost for words , but I needed him . I dreamed of having the world’s most professional furniture moving company in London. And somehow it was supposed to start. Even if that meant having a redhead as help