Why did I chose to be man with van? It’s simple, because I like to be free. But first of all let me tell you something. When someone asked me in my childhood what I wanted to become when I grow older I responded simply: head of charge for a truck service! If my mother or my father asked me this question I said auto engineer. Anyway, how did I get to the idea of furniture removal? How was made this big step, from auto service for trucks to furniture removals…read further!

The thing was that I had already finished school and I had no idea what to do next. I never had a real job until that moment. I wasn’t good at anything. My single quality was that I knew stuff about merchandise trucks, big trucks, vans and that was all. I have had a job for a few months at an auto service, but I left it because it was very badly paid. Then, I became a busboy at a neighbourhood bar. It was my first encounter with man with van. Back then I thought that moving furniture equals with being a busboy.

Living in a Luton Van

Only later I understood that there’s also a bit of philosophy in being man with van. It doesn’t resemble with any other job and I will tell you why. Suddenly, I decided to invest the money that I gathered while I was transporting boxes at „Joe & Mary’s” bar. I bought a van. It was a Luton van.

To be honest, I never thought I would transport goods with this Luton van, that I will transport people and their families. No, at that moment I was thinking only about travelling with this van. I was a lonely guy, I didn’t have true friends, no girlfriend, I didn’t really have good communication skills. Some would say that it was a depression, but I don’t think so. I was looking for my dream job, for my vocation.

My father went somewhere in Africa, where he was looking for his lifetime adventure. Anyway, we weren’t getting along very well. My mother… was leaving in the morning and was coming late in the evening. I wasn’t very closed to her either. This is why, from a family of lonely people, the result was exactly the same, a lonely child.

Anyway, I was about to place a bed, a table and a tool box in the Luton. And just ride. I needed the tool box because my van was rubbish. In fact, it was so cheap when I bought it that I couldn’t expect something else from it. But the fact that I managed to repair it by myself was giving me confidence. My first road was for Luisa, a portuguese girl that was living at the ground floor. With the cigarette in the corner of her mouth, Luisa asked me: You know what, Peter, how much do you charge me to carry my furniture and clothes? I am tired of this neighbourhood and I want to leave.

And just like that, my first client was a portuguese. This was my first real job. This is how I decided that I will be a man with van. I had a van, I had free time, the only thing I had to do was to work!

(to be continued)