Man with Van; with Luisa through London

the outskirts of London

Myself , Peter , a new face in the group of people moving furniture and luggage , not long ago thought that being a man with van was something shameful . I mean , come on , somebody calls you like , hey mate ! , will you move my junk five kilometers from here ? And of course because you need his money , you put your Luton at his disposal , and carry from dusk till dawn for some coins .

No , it’s not quite like that , and my first client before Jimmy , as I said before was Luisa . I must remind you of her.

The price of Luisa

I remember , after Luisa asked me how much will it cost to move her stuff , my mind sterted working at an in credible speed . I didn’t know how much a ” man with van ” cost , I didn;t care about it back then . Should i charge her 50 ? Or more ? These were questions I needed to answer fast . I felt it was the chance to make some money , but if I became greedy i risked hearing Luisa say : Allright Peter , if you want so much , from me , a linely and bored woman , then I think I will look for professional ” man with van ” !

I have to be honest I was looking at her , at her lonely and bored legs , I watched the smoke coming from her and said : I’m a professional in a totaly different world than moving things . ( Ok , I told you allready that I still did not know how to do such things …) I told her : Luisa , you will pay me what you consider is right for me taking you through London , is ti ok ?

Luisa , a portuguese woman , bored by her neighbours , probaly thought to her self that like this she would moving all her life . I did not know what I was getting myself into . At that i did not know what it was about . I mean you get bored by your neighbours … That’s why you want to move ?

Luisa’s luggage

I shoulden’t say, at first, the complicated part of the move seemed to me to be wrapping the books. I was intrigued that some packages should be made easy to move, easy to fix in the truck, so that they do not move in the middle of the transport, but Luisa would make me see this matter differently. From her, I have an idea that came to my mind , when through my mind and subconscious were calls for a career in a “man with a van” business. I said to myself, that if I ever do relocation services, I’m going to help people make their luggage.

Luisa was all over the place . She said to me : , “You know, Peter, but I haven’t done my luggage yet! It is true that I want to move but I have not prepared anything in this regard. I just studied this paper and gave some phone calls. The point is that you will help me pack up, then you will move them into your Luton and actually go to see the places that I have selected! Where I like it, they will stay ! What do you say?”

I felt like I was going crazy . So, I’m going to make Luisa’s luggage, get them into the Luton and then walk with her through London to see where she’s moving. What a start for my career! But I had no jobs, no money, I had enough time so … there were all the premises for an honorable work.

“You know Peter, you do not have to worry. I have two suitcases with books and two with clothes. You do not have to be scared … ”

Yeah, she was sympathetic . And I was a “man with a van” who had realized he never met a woman before .