Tricks from Man with Van: When you are moving into a new house and you move the furniture or more than that, you are buying a new house, we can say that you are making radical changes. This means that the moving and transport services would be somehow related to those who have a weaker will, this is a way of saying. The truth is that the changes in one man’s life, the moving or company/office relocations are events that can be used as trampolines.

Researchers from Bath University concluded that the house moving, the furniture removal or only changing your residence are excellent pretexts to give up smoking. We will try to understand in the next few lines how they came up to this idea and how you can put it into practice.

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Moving the furniture and the moment’s drama

The furniture removal always means a lot of stress, it is surely a moment used for something like ” let’s breathe a little and rest!”. This means smoking a cigarette. The smokers will admit that this is true. But according to the researchers from Bath University, this is the perfect moment to give up smoking. It’s not because of the furniture removal, like moving up and down the wardrobes from the removal company’s truck. But rather is related to the psychological changes in a person.

When you are moving, the moment is similar to that when you are a smoker, and because you either have a cold or lung problems, you will have to give up smoking for a while at least. The Bath study was applied on a sample of 800 adults. From these, a number of 400 had as a common feature the fact that, in the last 6 months, they changed their workplace or they moved all their things into a new house. The study followed if the subjects with major changes in their lives are more open to new ideas. To a cleaner environment, to a healthier diet. To a healthier lifestyle.

It was observed that when the subjects were asked to choose between conservatism and new things, including health or ecology, the ones who had to deal with furniture removals and new jobs, showed radicalism. This means that they turned onto major changes. They gave up smoking, they became vegetariens etc.

Be careful though, is what the researchers are warning about. The perfect moment to give up smoking is in the first three months after the house moving. After that, it disappears once you go back to the old habits.

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