Luisa had beautiful legs. I was looking at them and listening to her, saying something about how to make luggage, about the art of being a porter , stuff like that at least, It was hard to hear from others, especially from a woman. It’s hard to tell why they always show their legs, why do they always go with them on the forfront , why, for example, they do not show their palms !? Or elbows, or foot soles !? Why one and not the other , who has determined that the part with the woman’s legs is something similar to the magnets that stick to anything that is metallic !? I did not understand, I did not see the meaning and that was it .

I had proposed to study this matter a little, although it was hard to assume that finding out why women were waving their feet would calm me and make me immune. And I do not think it makes sense to try to find out why a woman’s legs are like aces in a poker game . I do not mean that a woman should first show off her sex, for all meetings with women would be dispossessed of mystery, they would not have any charm. If only you knew why a matter is set in some way, and another in a diferent way , I think it’s impossible, who the hell can know everything, who can tell any mystery !?

After all, I’m just a man with a van, I carry luggage and I’m ready, I own a car, I load it, I go, I unload it, what do I need to be the artist !? I did not need it, obviously, but for that I could sit down for a coffee and talk to a woman who showed me her beautiful legs!

I think Luisa had caught my mind ticking and I was not listening to her tips on how to make luggage. Honestly, I did not understand what my role was to make the customer’s luggage, he was paying me and I was taking his furniture where he told me. I put everything in the Luton Van, I take them and that’s it , what a great philosophy !? But no! Luisa said it was not good. I have to give him advice, to tell him how it’s done … I would ideally like to give him a leaflet with tips on how to prepare a move.

Failure of the first client

That’s how it was with my first client of furniture movement . She was a ragged woman I walked through the outskirts that tried to give me the idea that being a carrier is an art. “Peter, I told you, to be a porter you only need muscle! You must use your brain and be something else! “And then all I needed were clients. That’s it . The fact that I was going out with a woman was different, but the things had to change urgently. This was a job not a ride. I needed orders, money …

Understanding that I was actually losing my time looking at a woman’s feet, actually woke me up like a cold shower. Well, where did I leave this morning? To make a transport, to move someone, I just responded to myself . And what have I done !? I broke my brains to find out what was in a woman’s suitcase, I went for a walk, moved around, moved over, then went to a coffee and listened to her family story. And finally, cherry on the cake, I understood that I have to be an artist in moving furniture, that the world is full of porters !

Alright Luisa, it’s time to pull your feet back home, let’s go, I’m going, I’m not going to die from a missed order, I will make money from my future clients, I told myself to map-up ! And in fact, not much happened , tomorrow I have to get serious and work.

As I went home with my Luton , I did not know what I talked about. I was carefully driving , she was still talking . I do not remember what. Then, after I left her luggage in the hall, I turned to

the exit and firmly determined not to look at her feet, I think she felt that something anti-feminine was born in me. I was determined to tackle everything else, to think first about my job! Damn the women.

She asked me so simply, as if in a hurry: “Peter, but when will we see each other again!” I did not show you my books … “And I, to such a simple question, and spoken on the most natural tone in the world, I gave a stupid answer : Anytime you want Luisa, maybe tomorrow … if you have time!

Definitely, I was an idiot!