It’s worth mentioning Luisa and my first day as a Man with Van , again .

Today when only a few months have passed since my first day at work , since my first furniture moving services began, do I realize what a child I was . It is like when you are holding your ground in an argument, and you realize it was all for nothing . You believed in something will never be accomplished . But not only will it never become true, but it becomes something that you are ashamed of. You want to kill yourself, I swear !

For me, when I realized that Luisa did not really need the services of a “man with a van”, things started to fly in my head . For example, I was curious to know what the hell she had in her luggage !? Why do I make myself ride my Luton through London loaded with four suitcases. Two with books and two with clothes, so Luisa said, these are all her luggage. And she would pay me, though I was seeing more and more clearly that this woman needed completely different services. But, in the end , I was a “man with a van” with a Luton to ride through London. Obsession: Did she really have books in two of her four luggage !?

man with a van services

moving packs…

We are in front of a downstairs home from a former workers neighborhood . Luisa says: “Oh, Peter, I do not want to go in here, look what noise is on this street! Let’s go to another address! “She would cut off with a red marker an announcement. Alright let’s move! Luisa read the following address where, she said, there are great chances to find an apartment …

“You know , I asked her while I was sitting at a traffic light, in these times, are you still following newspaper ads ? There is internet, there are business sites, car rentals, housing, transport services, everything you want, and you are with the newspaper !? I was wondering. ” While Luisa, my neighbor who said she was moving, but I had doubts that he would ever leave our block, moved her legs , meaning she put her left one over right one and almost turned them to me, saying frankly: “Ohhh Peter, but I’m looking for stupid people who do not know how to use the internet! These people I need. I’m looking for such people, who can find me an apartment at decent prices. ”

Man with a van for free

We both were having a coffee, somewhere lost at a bar and tired of looking and moving. Okay, even if I did not have furniture tp move ! We had already given up searching for the addresses in Luisa’s newspaper . The Luton was resting outside . Empty with four suitcases inside. Great was my first day of man with a van! It was like she read my thoughts, Luisa smoothed her skirt and cleaned it of some imaginative luster. “Do not trouble Peter, I just told you I’ll pay you! With me you never get lost … ”
It was interesting. I mean, after I got fed-up staying home with , no job, no money, I started this business of moving furniture with a Luton, and I also offered a man with a van service ! And in my first assignment , I start to bleed with a Portuguese lady in an immigrant neighborhood. And above all these , the obsession: Did Luisa really have two suitcases full of books !?

luggages with books

luggages with books

I was not thinking about the next few days, what I will do. How will I have clients and how will I manage, if I continue to work alone or seek help . Nope . The idea that broke my brain was this: I, am a young man with a van, new to the industry, with a Luton set up and capable of moving furniture from one corner to another in London, why am I afraid to know if Luisa has two suitcases with books? What significance did they have, if they were books or fools of foul men? And because I could no longer be curious , I decided to do anything to find out. Why, I do not know, do not ask me …

Cconlusion about my business

So, instead of taking my Luton and looking for new clients , from office to office and offer relocation and furniture transportation or something to grow my business, I gave up the temptation and the charms of this Portuguese lady .

My obsession: did she or did she not have books in two of her four luggage? And because it was like a worm, something that always eats on you , deep, deeper, an obsession has come: and if Luisa had two suitcases of books, what kind of books were they? Cookies, travel, police novels, or …
An obsession never comes alone. It always brings something with it …